In the last few decades, mobile technology has progressed dramatically. Mobile phones are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In the present time, to run a business, mobile technology is an absolute must. It has many advantages because of its versatility, but it also has many hazards for the company. It is critical to assess both the benefits and drawbacks of employing mobile technology in the workplace.

But before leaping into the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Technology, let’s understand what Mobile Technology is!

What is mobile technology?

Mobile technology is precisely what its name hints: it is portable technology. The following are some examples of mobile IT devices:

• Computers such as laptops, tablets, and netbooks

• Global positioning system (GPS) devices

• Wireless debit/credit card payment terminals

• Smartphone

Advantages of mobile technology

The below are some of the advantages of employing mobile technology in the workplace:

Higher efficiency

Employees can also do more with fewer thanks to mobile technologies. Employees may divert their attention to higher-order, value-adding activities, such as those that accelerate an organization’s competitive advantage, thanks to mobile software and applications that free them from yesterday’s time-consuming jobs.

Enhance customer services

Mobile technology can be a great tool to improve customer service for your business. One can make use of this technology through various ways such as,

• Online Payment

• To receive customer feedback and complaints

• To give convenient services through apps

Promoting business

Mobile phones can be a great tool to advertise a company. Entrepreneurs or businesspeople who want to promote their firm online or offline should use mobile phones. Social media websites and messaging apps such as telegraph, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and others can be widely beneficial in making an online presence.

Easy Communication

Smartphones are small and easy to use, with many of the same features as a PC. We can accomplish 60-70 percent of our computer work on our smartphones, such as email to video call and image to video editing.

Improved networking

The incorporation of technology and mobile devices into business has aided telecollaboration. Teams can connect from anywhere using mobile technology, and they can access the papers and materials they need to complete collaborative work. Thanks to mobile devices and the Internet, teleconferences, online meetings, video calls, and other similar activities.

Disadvantages of mobile technology

The following are the major drawbacks of using mobile technology in the workplace:


Purchases of new technology and devices are frequently expensive, and they require continual maintenance and repair.

Distraction during work

As the number of technologies and devices are readily available, so does the risk of their disrupting corporate productivity and workflow.

Additional training is required.

New technology may necessitate instructions and training for employees. It may add a burden on the company.

Security and Privacy Issues

Portable devices, especially those containing sensitive or vital corporate data, are subject to security threats.

These were some of the benefits and drawbacks of mobile technology. But we should always take advantage of mobile technology at our best to maximize better results in business.

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