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Cloud Services

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What is meant by a ‘Cloud’?

It is a visible mass of a huge amount of condensed water vapours floating all around in the sky.


Is that what cloud services are all about?

Absolutely not.

In the tech world, ‘cloud’ refers to the vast network of servers across the globe which are used to store and process data over the Internet. These servers essentially link together to form a single ecosystem. If we look at it broadly, the cloud is an allegory for the whole Internet as Cloud Services.

Cloud-based services for Cloud Computing Services are a wide range of services ranging from online storage and servers to development platforms and applications. This falls under the category of Information Technology (IT) services and is completely available on the Internet. The pricing system is based on the number of services/space you use. Therefore no going overboard with your budget.

How do Cloud Services work?

Cloud services are offered by a number of cloud service providers on the Internet. These are fully managed by the service providers so that the companies do not need to store data and programs on their servers.

What are the benefits of using Cloud Services?


These services utilize a huge bunch of servers spread across different locations which makes the allocation and reallocation of resources fast.

Reduced cost

As its use can easily be modified as required, using a cloud service is cost-effective as compared to storing and accessing data through physical storage.

Easy to manage

Taking a subscription to a cloud service is not a permanent association. It can be procured on-demand and you can easily cancel the service if you do not need it anymore. This makes it easier for the buyers to handle the services according to their requirements.

What are the type of Cloud Services Available?

Is there a single type of cloud service?


The most common types of cloud services offered on the Internet can be broadly classified as:

What are the benefits of using Cloud Services?

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The PaaS providers offer the necessary hardware and software required by web developers to build a cloud-based application. They provide an environment that allows the developers to control the use of their applications on the cloud throughout its lifetime.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

It is the most widely known form of cloud service. Software as a service or SaaS comprises of various services such as cloud storage for backing up files and data, and web-based emails. This also includes several project management tools. This is offered on a periodic subscription basis.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In order to manage SaaS tools, many service providers require an infrastructure that is offered by IaaS service providers. Some of the giants of cloud-based services such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. offer such services.

They maintain large storage servers and networking ha rdware while also offering several other services. The payment is done according to the total usage by the customer.

Who are the major Cloud Services providers?

Here are some of the major providers of cloud-based services for cloud services:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon has become one of the largest companies in the world, with its services ranging from selling books, to Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing as well.

Launched in the year 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud-based service provider. It includes all major types of cloud services namely PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. Its pricing model is completely based on the usage of an individual customer or company. It provides a wide variety of cloud computing services for cloud computing services like cloud storage, servers, security, mobile development, etc.

AWS spans over more than 240 countries across the globe.

Microsoft Azure

The second-largest cloud-based service provider is another business giant, Microsoft.

With a market share of almost 2/10th of global usage, it provides a range of services such as cloud computing, storage, data analytics, and networking. Unlike AWS, it is also compatible with open source technologies. This enables the users to freely select from these services and develop their existing as well as new applications on the public cloud. The users are only charged for the services they avail.

Apart from these two major cloud service providers, there are a few Linux servers as well.

These are built on the open-sourced Linux operating system. As this is open-source, the clients can deliver their content, applications, and services to their users at affordable prices. It also provides optimized data security due to several enhanced permission settings.

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