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CRM Software development

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Businesses all over the world try to figure out better ways to retain and increase their client base. This is where a good CRM system comes into play.

So what is Customer Relation Management (CRM)?

This refers to the process of understanding, analyzing, and structuring the way businesses interact with their customers. It helps collect user data that can be used to manage sales, marketing, customer service, and deliver valuable insights. This enables sales cycle optimization and improved marketing strategies through data analysis.

What does CRM Software do?

The core idea behind CRM for CRM Software Company is providing a seamless CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. By creating a deeper level of relationship with your clients, your business can easily lead to sustainable growth and profit. A custom CRM software for CRM Software Company that is suited to the needs of your business helps in smooth interaction between various units related to the customer’s journey- from sales and marketing to customer service.

Data management

It is a place where your organization can store all the information and data related to the clients. This provides easy access to whatever is required for in-depth customer analysis.

Streamlines sales cycle

A good CRM system helps in keeping an updated record of all the customers and prospects which helps in simplifying sales cycle for the business. From quotations, order processing to sales forecasting, CRM system does it all.

Automated marketing

With everything going digital, online marketing has become the new trend. A custom-built CRM software will automate your marketing process which includes email marketing, optimized landing pages, etc.

Easy access

With a collective location for all the customer’s database, it will be easier for the departments working within your organization to find what they are looking for.

how is CRM development done?

The development of a CRM system requires time and effort from our side. Here is how we do it-.


As always, our work starts with extensive research on the business and its customers. This helps in understanding the business objectives and their targeted user base.

CRM development:

After outlining the framework according to your inputs and our research, we start with the CRM system development phase. We focus on tailoring our CRM solutions to your goals.

The best thing of all. You can get a CRM software with modifications or even a custom CRM software built from scratch. Get whatever suits you. It’s your call.

Safe data transfer:

We make sure your data is transferred from the existing system to the new developed CRM system without data loss or any impact on your business activities.

Quality check:

To ensure the smooth functioning of your new CRM system, we run a comprehensive security check. This helps in keeping the bugs and malware at bay.

Employee training:

We train your employees to acquaint them with the process of CRM and how to use it efficiently for CRM Software Company.

Customer service:

A happy customer is a forever customer. That is it. We ensure that you get the best for your business. Our service will include additional quality and operating checks to streamline your CRM requirements according to the dynamic needs of your business.

These are the steps we follow to ensure you get the maximum value from your CRM system

Understand your needs


As always, our work starts with extensive research on the business and its customers. This helps in understanding the business objectives and their targeted user base.

Platform-based solutions

There are several platforms available that provide CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and many more. We can customize their CRM software which can fit the needs of your business. This change will be implemented smoothly and swiftly.

Custom CRM software

If you want fully customized software, our experts can build it from scratch. It will cater to all your business needs and you won’t even have to pay for the services not used.

Through these solutions, we will deliver several functionalities of CRM such as sales and marketing automation, customer service automation, CRM integration, data analytics, and several other custom features.

who are we?

Exult IT Solutions is a software development and IT services company with experience in providing services such as digital marketing, SEO, mobile application development, website design, and much more.

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Quick response:

As soon as you interact with us, our team ensures everything gets delivered to you without any unnecessary delays. Our advanced features make it possible to implement the strategies in the most time-efficient manner.


Nobody wants to lose their data. With high-security standards, we make sure your data is not compromised at any stage of CRM development, implementation, or use.

Our team of experts is dedicated towards providing the best value for your money and constantly equip themselves with the latest technology to make sure you stay ahead of the game. We bring more on the table than what you demand of us. With constructive suggestions and feedback, we ensure that the quality of work never gets compromised.