E-commerce Web Development

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E-Commerce Web Development

We develop amazing e-commerce applications that ensure user retention.

With the significant growth of the online world over the last few years, virtual has become the new reality.

There is a massive population that prefers the Internet for watching movies, finding the right solutions, or even buying their dog’s food. Over 2 billion of the global population looks up to online eCommerce stores to shop for their favorite products and services. Such a whopping number is hard to ignore and businesses need to realize the potential it holds.

We have a team of industry experts with rich experience in building eCommerce platforms. Our experience has provided us with the requisite knowledge and skills which enable us to deliver the best possible service for your business. We start with understanding your basic requirements, identify the competition, and formulate a strategy to overcome the roadblocks for a successful eCommerce web development plan.

what is e-commerce?

Internet trade.

Yes. Everything you buy or sell online is a part of e-commerce. This ELECTRONIC COMMERCE industry has grown to become the nucleus of every successful business strategy today. Having an e-commerce platform for your business facilitates easier product discovery and a smoother customer’s journey. Selling online has enabled numerous corporations and businesses to upscale which was not nearly possible through offline trade.

Want to buy new clothes? Go online. Visit the online store of your favorite brand, add the product you like to the shopping cart, pay, and that is it. No more tiring visits to shopping malls and markets. You can get everything you want with just a click.

This is why online shopping is way better and easier.

so what are the types of e-commerce models?

The e-com services between businesses and consumers can be classified broadly in the following four categories:

Business-to-Consumers (B2C)

The most common type of business transaction involves selling products and services to individual consumers. For e.g. – Buying a t-shirt from an online store.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Providing goods and services to other businesses falls under the category of B2B. For e.g. – our professional team developing an eCommerce website for your business.

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

Consumers selling their previously purchased items to another consumer. For e.g. – an individual selling their used watch on eBay.

Consumer to Business (C2B)

When an individual provides value in the form of goods and services to businesses, it falls under the category of C2B. For e.g. – Blogger providing an affiliate link to a product in exchange for a fixed commission.

An online store can deal according to any of these eCommerce models. Based on the type of your business, your e-com platform can take up a variety of forms to offer transactions under categories such as:


Drop Shipping,



Physical Products,


Subscription, etc.

our services

We focus on providing the most delightful experience to our customers. We create eCommerce websites and applications which make the user experience easy and pleasing. This can improve the performance of your business over time. We take pride in the quality of service we provide and ensure that only the best gets delivered.

In this swiftly growing digital world, having a website and a mobile application can be the real deal.

this is what we offer:

E-commerce Web Design and Development

Having a good website is the need of the hour. We provide custom eCommerce solutions for our clients so that they get the maximum value from their online shopping platform.

Payment Gateway Integration

Easy payments are a must for every shopping platform. Powered with Stripe, we ensure that every payment transaction goes on smoothly and the money never sneaks off elsewhere.

E-commerce Application Development

Having a mobile application makes it easier for customers to interact with your online store anytime at their own comfort. We create an engaging UX in your e-com apps so that there is zero hassle in the shopping experience.

Website Maintenance and Support

Our team will always be available for assistance to make sure the website keeps on running smoothly and your business never stops in this digital world.

ECommerce Solutions and API integration

To get the most out of your e-com websites and apps, we can utilize the right set of API integration such as Amazon and eBay API for easy access to product details. We also provide on-demand CRM and eCommerce website marketing services.

why us?

We, at Exult IT Solutions always formulate the right strategy for your business needs to ensure that you always get the maximum value.

Our eCommerce website and app development services will allow:

Better product visibility

Maximize profits

Secure platform

Additional API integration

We design to delight. Our expert business solutions will make sure your visitors turn into long-term happy customers.