From the time when smartphones were introduced in the market or in the technological field, they only evolved. It is no longer a luxury to have a smartphone, but it has become necessary for all fields like education, business, gaming, and traveling.

Mobile apps let users access new features that make their working process smoother. A lot of applications are already there with some amazing tech features, and some are already in development. If you want to develop such mobile apps, you can easily avail the services of Exult IT Solution.

So, in this article, we are going to learn the top 6 mobile app development trends in 2021.

1. 5G Network:

After 4G, people are eagerly for 5G. And now, finally, it can be expected in the market by 2021. The statistics show that in 2021, 5G connections will increase from 20 million to 100 million. If compared to the 4G network, it will be super-faster. It will be combined with more stability and low latency to make everybody crazy for this technology.

Moreover, watching 4K videos in the current network speed does not give a seamless experience, but with 5G, there will be this revolutionary change, and you will be able to 4K videos without buffering. Operating VR & AR 3D objects will also become possible with such enormous speed.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

By the term virtual Assistant, we can only think of Google Assistants, Siri, Replica, and other chatbots. But in 2021, AI is going to play a more active role. The smartphones will have AI-based cameras, user predictions, voice translations, and a lot more. AI and ML will be combined for performing such activities in mobile app development.

Be it for Android or iOS; the development process can be learned from previous data, identify problems, and real-time fixtures. It will learn the user behavior and actions by tracking our daily usage patterns and will take actions without our instructions.

3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

The gaming and video arena has already been captured by AR and VR. But, with time, these technologies will get involved in each aspect of our regular lives. Some of the mixed reality hints are already there, which offers exciting features like people occlusion, motion tracking, etc. In 2021, many AR-based application ideas will turn into fully functional applications, which will be beneficial for industries like tourism, marketing, healthcare, education, etc.

Mixed reality is also expected to revolutionize the social media experience. Facebook and Instagram have already introduced some features. There are also mixed reality smart glasses that offer an interactive user experience. These gadgets help doctors to perform live surgeries; one can virtually swim under the sea or teleport to space.

4. Cloud Integration:

Endless benefits come with cloud technology. It is one of the most reliable platforms to store and access our data securely, in a faster way. But cloud technology is not integrated into mobile applications to that extent. But, in 2021, we will see many cloud-based mobile applications. As such apps run directly on the cloud, it does not put any extra pressure on the internal memory of the smartphone.

So, it is most likely that our phones will not crash anymore while accessing such apps. Additionally, it is beneficial for both the app developers and the users equally. It becomes easy for the developers to create a mobile app faster besides saving costs, and the users will be able to access the app without installing it.

5. Geological Based Application:

The development of geological-based apps already exists today, but it will be growing potentially in 2021. It is one of the most significant elements that allows mobile applications to offer personalized services to their users. The apps use location tracking to collect information associated with user demographics, offer location-based services, and target marketing campaigns.

The mobile app development companies are also using location data for analyzing usage patterns and for getting an insight into the relation between user location and user behavior. This will help them o give more relevant information and customized solutions to their customers. This approach will improve the overall user experience and satisfaction.

6. Predictive analysis:

If an application wants to be valued, firstly, it needs to give value to its customers. The collection of insights and data that it offers will help the applications to deliver services that are valuable to its customers. Thus, predictive analysis is a trend that will be more prominent in 2021.

This particular trend will utilize Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data mining for predicting future events, which will ultimately improve the user experience. The predictive algorithms will help the app developers to optimize their apps and improve their performance, which will further improve customer retention and ROI.


The mobile app development trends do not end here, and there are plenty more. If you want to integrate these trends in your mobile applications, you can get help from Exult IT Solution. With looking at the trends, one thing is sure that the foreseeable future is going to be interesting, as all these will make life easier and smoother for both the developers and the users.